Letters TO Santa.....FREE ‘To Santa’ Letter + 10 Different Santa Stationery Sets

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One year my daughter Nicole had a hard time with her Christmas list. She couldn’t have been more than 9….but maybe even younger….I really have no idea. :) I think it was because every commercial gave her a new 'MUST have' idea and she kept changing her mind. She sent many many letters to Santa that year. Boring and plain letters.

The kicker came on Christmas Eve when she put her ‘new and updated’ list under the tree. What!? Christmas Eve! I can’t even remember what I told her….I am sure it was something awesome, heartwarming and very motherish (memories do have a way of making me look really good) because she didn’t seem to get upset then. And, I don’t recall any tears or disappointments on Christmas Day because Santa did not bring her what she really wanted (like she even knew at that time!)

She would write her list on plain notebook paper and we would just drop the letter in the mail box with ‘To Santa, North Pole’ on the envelope. Fingers crossed that he would receive it AND read it. How I would have loved knowing that she would receive a return letter from Santa for sure! And, she would have loved cute stationery!

Wouldn’t your kids LOVE if they could actually send a letter to Santa & receive a letter from him in return?

Well, I have you covered! On both the sending AND the receiving!

I have created a FREE 'To Santa' Christmas Wish List letter. You can print it out for your kids and they can write their own list and send it to Santa. Included in the download are the printing and mailing instructions for sending the letter to Santa.

I have also created a FREE matching ‘FROM Santa’ letter. In the 'Letters From Santa' post you will not only find the 'From Santa' letter, you will also find Santa's REAL address plus the mailing instructions to ensure your kids receive a letter in return. How fun is that?!

To Santa letters |positively Jane
To Santa letters |positively Jane

For FREE - 1 letter ‘TO Santa’

It is FREE and you can print as many as you would like - for your own personal use only (do not copy, duplicate or print for your friends - feel free to share this post).

** All you have to do is enter your email below and you will immediately receive the link to download.

It prints on a full sheet of 8.5x11 paper in PDF format (watermark will be removed). Printing AND mailing instructions are included.

Did you know that your son or daughter can not only receive a postmarked letter FROM the North Pole, but that the letter will actually be from Santa?

You will find the all the information in this post - 'Letters From Santa'. You will also find a matching 'FROM Santa' letter.

Also, as an FYI…..

What if you have multiple children or grandchildren? Wouldn’t they all like a different letter? I put together 10 different designs for you to choose from.

For each design you will receive:

  • 1 ‘TO Santa’ Letter

  • 4 Matching ‘From Santa’ Letter’s including:

    • 1 blank (no text) for handwritten personalization (or print).

    • 3 printed letters, each with a different message.

You can see all the designs below - click the arrows on the right and left to scroll through - Clicking on the image will take you to the different designs and there you can find what is available for each design.

letters to santa |positively jane

I had NO idea. Check out ‘Letters FROM Santa’. Everything you need to do in order for the letter to be sent is explained - I promise….it isn’t difficult at all. And imagine the excitement when they receive their letter FROM Santa!

On a side note -
My kids are all grown and out of the house, but they still ‘believe’ in Santa. Only now they ask me what Santa’s budget is for the year and send me their lists with links and rankings of favorites or musts. haha. I have never purchased everything on their lists.

I am not a shopper but I am a good listener. They say things all year and I either buy or order it right away so I don’t forget - or I write it down for future reference. It is always better for them if I order/buy it right away - cause I don't ever include those items in the ‘budget’.

Also, just for fun, my kids confessed about 4 years ago that they used to search and search our house - every year - for their gifts and are convinced that we kept them at the neighbors. We have not told them if they are right or they are wrong…..maybe on my death bed.

Have an awesome and Merry Christmas. And, always remember, Jesus is the real reason for the season.

Big Hugs,

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(BTW - I have saved all of my children’s Christmas lists and put them in scrapbooks. I also made a list of what they received from Santa and other people and put them in the scrapbooks, too - so fun to look back on.)

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