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 HI there!

Thanks so much for signing up for my free ‘FROM Santa’ letter. It is definitely on its way to your inbox.

In the meantime….

  • If you are anything like me, you need all the help you can get!  Right?

  • Or maybe you like choices and not just 1 option.

  • Or, maybe you have multiple kids and everyone likes something different.

  • Or, maybe you got interrupted with little people….and lost your train of thought (happens to me on an hourly basis and I don’t even have little people at home anymore).

So, just in case you missed it....

 I have also created 10 Santa stationary sets for you and your kids. They are all different and very cute (if I may say so myself).

Each set includes - 

  • 1 To Santa letter

  • 4 From Santa letters

    • 1 Blank template

    • 3 with printed messages

 The mailing instructions for these are the same as the free ones that you received. I will include them again just in case!

Please check them out - you might just be glad you did!

And, as always, thanks so much for hanging out with me!

santa letters|Positively Jane