The Three Pines Mystery


Every once in awhile a book series has me captivated. So completely captivated that the characters are very real to me and I want to meet them all and call them my friends. Friends that I can hang out with, eat with, laugh with, cry with and pray for.

Have you read (or listened to) the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series? I fell in love years ago. Louise has an amazing way of writing - she introduces new facts about her characters as the series goes on - not all at the same time. And, her ability to portray the psyche of her people is 2nd to none. Her characters are so real to me - they come to life on each and every page. I absolutely LOVE each character and want to sit down and talk to each one. In fact, they are so real that……

This is what I imagine the church might look like.

This is what I imagine the church might look like.

I found myself praying for one of the characters in church one Sunday. He was on the brink of a decision that I knew would not work in his favor. In fact, it would be a disaster. I was praying ‘NO NO NO’ in my head. Asking him to see the error of his ways. To see that satan wanted him to take that next damaging step. And, in the middle of that prayer, I realized that the end of the story was already written. The ending was already done. His decision was decided. Sigh…I was close to tears. I personally did not know the ending yet, but I had an inkling it wasn’t going to be good. Talk about real!? Crazy huh?! I was riveted to the story and wanted Louise to hurry up and write her next book so I could see what happened.

What are the books about?

I found this on the Louise Penny web site ‘Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec digs beneath the idyllic surface of village life in Three Pines, finding long buried secrets—and facing a few of his own ghosts’. He investigates homicides and discovers life along the way.’

In my humble opinion, Three Pines is the most magical place on earth (in spite of the homicides :). There is a book store, a bakery, a bed and breakfast. There is a bistro where everyone sits by the fire, has a drink, and eats the most amazing food prepared by Gabri. They have blizzards. They have pets. Some drink too much. They care for each other. They have pasts and histories that make them who they are today. They stick together. They are friends.

Unbeknowst to me, Louise’s husband died recently and she had decided to not write any more books. But, one day (thankfully) she found herself at her typewriter and she wrote ‘The Kingdom of the Blind’. I am so happy I didn’t know that ahead of time, because I would have pined for Three Pines.

Who should read them?

My husband loves The Three Pines series. My daughter and her husband love Three Pines. My friends love the series as well. They are all as addicted as I am. I can’t wait for August 2019 when the new one comes out - ‘A Better Man’.

My husband and I are traveling to Canada this summer with the explicit purpose of discovering Three Pines. Someone put together a tour of different places in the Eastern Townships that resembles what is in the books. I am so excited - I will definitely write about that trip and let you know what we found out.

Let’s go back to me praying in church….

I realized that is what happens with us and God. He is cringing as we make decisions. Decisions that He knows will not work in our favor. But, because there are 2 parallel truths working at the same time - 1). The end of our story is already written and, 2). We get to choose the path along the way. He waits for us to come to our senses and then rescues us at the end. Gotta love the rescue part.

If you have not read the series I highly encourage you to begin with the 1st book ‘Still Life’. I promise you will love them. I promise. And, it will be interesting when you find out what it means to be F.I.N.E.

Big Hugs,


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