Stamp-n-Storage Organization Ideas PLUS How to Paint Your Units

Stamp-n-Storage organization | Positively Jane

I LOVE Stamp-n-Storage products. Their products have helped me organize my room in a very creative way. I not only can find my card stock….it is also in rainbow order and beautiful to look at!

Stamp-n-Storage came into being when Brett's wife needed storage for her Stampin’ Up products. He started making a few things to help her out and they were so amazing all of her friends wanted them too. And NOW, they are so popular because....they have great products. I love each and every one. There are many more products that I do not have in my room - you need to head on over to their website and check it all out. I do have a few pics at the bottom of this post for you to drool over too.

And, just in case you didn't know, Stamp-n-Storage also makes units that fit the Ikea Kallax unit and the Target Threshold storage systems. Their units can hang on a wall or sit on a table/counter.

Fun Fact - Stamp-n-Storage also featured my craft room this past year on their website! If you haven’t seen it - click HERE.

I have recorded a quick (4 minute) video for you to see ‘live and in person’ how I use my products. Click on the video above.

Stamp-n-Storage organization | Positively Jane

This is my paper storage. There are 12-8.5x11 paper holders. I painted them myself. Click on the button below for the ‘how to’s’ of the painting. I also have clear plastic pages under each color (see the video). Each one has a label on it so that I know which color is which. The Painting Printable has the information for those pages as well.

For all of Stamp-n-Storage’s Paper Storage Solutions click HERE

Stamp-n-Storage organization | Positively Jane

This is a combination custom and ‘off the shelf’. The top section has 1-8x5x11 Paper Holder and 3-12x12’s.

Below that, Stamp-n-Storage custom made the paper holder for me.

Stamp-n-Storage organization | Positively Jane

They have AWESOME Ribbon Shelves. This is another custom product made for me. I needed my shelf to be longer than they typically make.

For all of Stamp-n-Storage’s Ribbon Storage Solutions click HERE

Stamp-n-Storage Organization | Positively Jane

The unit on the left is a 120 Slot Slim Ink Pad Holder. I had the storage unit made specifically to fit around this Ink Pad Holder. The units on the right are comprised of a 48 Slot Slim Ink Pad Holder and a 60 Slot Distress Ink Holder. I love how the dimensions of the 2 on the right equal the 1 on the left. AND, as you can see, I have left room for more ink!

For all of Stamp-n-Storage’s Ink Storage Solutions Click HERE

A close up of my ink storages

Stamp-n-Storage Organization|postively Jane

This is the Large Lock Down Punch Holder. This is how it comes - unpainted.

For all of Stamp-n-Storage’s Punch Storage Solutions click HERE

They also have this awesome drawer unit (left). There are accessory trays (middle) and a Mini Ink Spot Holder (right) to go in these drawers.

For all of Stamp-n-Storage’s Drawer Solutions click HERE

Stamp-n-Storage Organization|postively Jane

HOW ABOUT THIS DESK?! Wouldn’t you love to have this in your craft room? Click HERE for all the components - you too can have a desk like this!

And, a few storage solutions that I don’t have (boo) -

Ikea Storage Solutions
Embossing Folder and Die Storage Solutions
Marker Storage Solutions

Check them out. Take a look at my craft room for other storage and organization ideas too.

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