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I know. I know. A good skin care routine is supposed to start when we are young (er) right? Well, I grew up in the ‘Tan don’t burn use Coppertone’ era. Raise your hand if you used baby oil and iodine! (I really have no idea why we put iodine in our baby oil - haha). The darker we got the better. Burn and peel - that was my motto! Age spots weren’t even a thing plus…I wasn’t going to age was I?

Did you know that you are supposed to apply your eye cream with your ring finger? (So that you don't press too hard. The skin is thin in that area.) Or that your neck is part of your face? And, you are supposed to apply cream on your neck in an upward motion - to (hopefully) eliminate the pull of gravity. Why am I JUST learning that now…when I am 66!

Maybe I might have known these things, but in the busyness of my life I paid NO attention to them. Plus, I really didn’t believe it made a difference. Boy was I wrong and my skin has paid the price. Not only my face, but my whole body. My legs and arms were always dry with little bumps. I tried cheap creams. Expensive creams. Coconut oil. Baby oil. And, no matter how much cream or oil I slathered on, those bumps did not go away. But you could certainly use me as a slide!

Another thing that did not bode well for me and great skin was the fact that I never really thought about getting older? Do you? Or should I ask…did you? If the aging process creeped up on you like it did me, and your skin was not a priority, what should you do now? Wrinkles. Age spots. Dry skin. Saggy skin. Sheesh!

Do you know that your skin is your biggest organ?
Do you know what you put on your skin goes into your body and blood stream and tissues? Do you know that the vast majority of skin care products on the market are made with toxins? Now, I don’t want to eat foods with toxins, do you? So, why are we putting toxins on my skin! It has been a struggle and a dilemma for sure.

Now, I am sure if I would have taken the time to think about it I would have realized that what goes on goes in. Sometimes I have to be hit on top of the head for the message to sink in. I would have realized that the skin care products I was purchasing were NOT good for me. That in my search for toxin free home cleaning products, toxin free fruits and veggies, and organic meats I should have been searching toxin free for my body too!

Wouldn’t you like to have a great skin care routine that is good for your skin? Skin care products that you know are not harmful to you or the environment? I searched and searched. Tried and tried. And nothing made a difference.

And then, by chance, I discovered True Botanicals. And I am in LOVE. I have been using the products for a few months now. And, guess what?! Those leg and arm bumps have gone away. My skin is soft and my face feels amazing. My skin has stayed hydrated all thru the summer months. A miracle for sure!

True Botanicals was founded by Hillary Peterson after she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. She ‘channeled her fear and frustration with the beauty industry into research’. Hillary defines toxins as ‘anything that could compromise the safety of people or the planet. This includes the usual suspects - such as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and developmental toxicants - as well as any ingredient that bioaccumulates in people or the planet.’ I knew you would ask so I looked it up - bioaccumulates means….(of a substance) become concentrated inside the bodies of living things. Concentrated! Does that mean we have concentrated toxins in our bodies!?

Do I hear you saying - ‘I’m in. I’m in. I want to eliminate toxins in my body too. Where do I begin?’ True Botanicals has that all figured out for you. They have a Skincare Quiz you can take. The quiz will help you choose between Renew: Aging, Clear: Break-out Prone, and Calm: Ultra sensitive and Pregnancy.

I took the quiz and that is how I started. I bought the products that were recommended. And then I went back and bought a lot more. I cleanse my face (morning and night) with the Nourishing Cleanser. Gotta start with a clean slate!

true botanicals vitamin c booster

I love the Pure Radiance Face Oil. That is what makes my face so soft and smooth. I mix that with the Vitamin C Booster. That combo definitely reduces the signs of aging. And, if you have hyper-pigmentation (those dark patches that are common with age) this combo will help lighten them. I use this combo on the backs of my hands and it has made the spots much lighter.

For my nighttime face routine (I finally have one) I use the Deep Repair Eye Serum (and yes, I apply with my ring finger!) and the Repair Serum.

Face Oil

My body loves loves loves the Pure Radiance Body Oil and the Resurfacing Body Mask.

There are so many other products that I have not tried yet but plan to in the near future including shampoo and conditioner. Imagine shampoo with no toxins….looking forward to that!

Everything smells so great. Not overwhelming or fruity.

Anti Aging Serum

True Botanicals has -

30 day money back guarantee.
Free shipping on orders over $35 (bonus!)
AND - 15% off of your 1st order.

They also have a renewal program where they will send you products on the schedule that you choose - so you never run out.

I could go on and on. But, don’t take my word for it….give them a try. Your skin will not be disappointed. I am definitely not trying to sell you on anything - I just really love love love these products. I love my skin and I thought maybe you might like to love your skin too! True Botanicals.

Big Hugs,

Jane (you might not recognize her - she is the one with the smooth & hydrated skin).

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