How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers

how to grow tomatoes in containers|positively jane

I LOVE tomatoes. Especially fresh from the garden tomatoes. Have you ever bit into a warm tomato right from your own garden? If not, this post might motivate you to plant some and try it! 

Many many years ago my husband and I planted about 6 tomato plants. We bought them from the hardware store, the soil wasn’t very good and the area got flooded every time it rained, but that did not stop us from loving our tomatoes. I ate them whole, sliced them, diced them, canned them and gave them to some very lucky friends & neighbors!

There are so many sizes, colors, varieties - red, green, purple, pink. Big boy, roma, cherry, grape. How does a person know which ones to plant and grow…..and eat?

how to grow tomatoes in containers|postiively jane
how to grow tomatoes in containers|Positively Jane
These are the pots I chose - the faux clay ones are self watering. A BIG bonus!

These are the pots I chose - the faux clay ones are self watering. A BIG bonus!

A few weeks ago we had some raised garden beds installed in our sunny side yard. That post is here - (What I Learned While Planning and Organic Vegetable Garden). Since then, I have been trying to figure out what tomato seeds to plant. Since it was early enough, I knew I had time to start my seeds indoors, but I had NO idea what type, flavor, or anything. I did know I wanted heirloom seeds because they are the least GMO’d out there.

I chose Indigo Rose from South GA Seed Company. San Marzano, Homestead, and Pink Brandywine from Sow True Seed. Why did I choose those - when there are so many others? Mostly because I liked the names (haha - that is how I pick horses at the track too). I wanted slicers, some for canning, and some for salads. I did not plant any smaller varieties like roma or cherry - that will be next year.

I started with some really good soil. It came from the same folks who made our raised beds. I then put 2 seeds in every 2” peat pot. It’s been about 10 days now and they are sprouting. I thinned each down to 1 plant per pot. Once they have 2 mature leaves on them I will transfer them outside. I have 15 little pots growing now. They are tiny tiny seedlings. But where do I transplant them?!

I quickly realized that tomatoes grow tall and bushy and would take up most of our garden. (we are using the Square Foot Method. and that I needed to find another solution. After a bunch of research I decided to plant them in large containers. Those containers can be clay pots, plastic pots, troughs - just something large enough for their roots to grow and they won’t fall over when they are really big.

Containers are perfect for someone who only has a patio, balcony, deck, or does not want to go to all the trouble of having a garden.

I narrowed my research down into a simple process and put together a FREE shopping list for you.

FREE shopping list - Five Easy to Find Items You Need to Grow Tomatoes in Containers - Get Yours Here!

I urge you to give it a try- what can it hurt? It might even be fun. AND you might even have so many that you too can give some away to some very lucky friends & neighbors. 

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