Getting Your House Ready for Spring!

spring is here: get your house ready|positively jane

Don’t you just love spring?

I love love love spring. I love the feeling of renewal when all the bulbs and flowering trees are blooming. I look forward to taking the covers off of my porch furniture, sitting outside and drinking my tea. I love the warmer weather (I live in the South) But, before I can really sit down and enjoy all the beauty spring brings I need to make sure the exterior of my house is ready for spring.

There are many responsibilities that go hand in hand with owning a home. Making sure everything is in good working order after the winter is on the top of the list. From checking the hose bibs, washing the windows, inspecting the wood for wood rot, cleaning up the yard….there is alot!

Through the years of owning a home, I have figured out where the priorities are and have compiled a check list for you that you can print out. My husband had his own list and we compared - and guess what?!! We actually agreed on all the items. Sometimes marriage is bliss…..

Enjoy your spring (after all the work is done I mean!) Let me know when the porch is ready - I would love to join you for a lemonade!

Big Hugs,