Does Everyone Have a Creative Gift?

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I am so excited! My daughter, Nicole, the genius behind Studio 46:10, has a Podcast called The Studio 46:10 Podcast, where she talks about ‘Faith, Marriage & Everything in Between’. She asked her listeners what they wanted her to talk about and one of her listeners submitted this question - ‘How do we discover our God-given creative gift?’ Now, that is a BIG question. Nicole thought about how to answer that question for quite awhile before she turned to me.

She turned to me because I have been ‘creating’ since I was 7. Growing up, I would knit my Barbie clothes and when I got older I would sew my own clothes and even crochet bikinis. I have made quilts, jewelry, paper flowers, needlepoint, cross stitch…my current fav is card making and paper crafting (I think like it best because I can make things and give them away).

So, when Nicole was asked to talk about our God-given creative gifts, she invited me to be on her Podcast. Yay for me!! The following is directly from Nicole’s website Studio 46:10 and is quick synopsis of our Podcast episode and a little of what we both learned along the way. We hope that you might learn something, too! The answers might totally surprise you (they sure did surprised us!)

Studio 46:10:

  • “Does Everyone Have A Creative Gift?

    • This question and topic idea was submitted to me by a listener and honestly, I dwelled on it for a really long time. I wasn’t sure how to go about answering this question or even where to begin. The listener explained even further that they wanted to know how to discover our God-given creative gifts. I knew for this episode I wanted to bring in an ‘expert’ on creativity & have a conversation with someone who has been creating longer than I have. My mom, Jane, was my immediate choice & whoa, let me tell you, she brings some serious insight and wisdom into this conversation.

    • Together in this episode, we dive into whether or not we all have a creative gift. Listen in for correct definitions of create, creative, artist, & gift, learn how you can you tap into the creative passion already inside you, & answer the question: what is the point of creating anyways?

  • Create, Creative, & Gift

    Before we could really answer the question: Does Everyone Have a Creative Gift?, we first needed to lay the foundation with definitions.

    • Create: to bring something into existence

    • Creative: marked by the ability or power to create; synonymous with imaginative or innovative

    • Gift: a natural ability or talent

  • Creative Does Not Equal Artist

    Creating and being creative is multi-faceted. So often we believe that in order to be creative we have to be artistic. However, being creative & being artistic are not synonymous. You do not have to be able to paint or knit or write in calligraphy to be creative. It is possible that you have a creative gift, but you may not have ever realized you had one. Other creative avenues are in parenting strategies, sales tactics, budgeting tips, or marriage strategies.

    • We can be creative in so many different ways. You can be creative without ever picking up a paintbrush. Every artist is a creative but not every creative is an artist. Creating is just bringing something into existence, it’s not synonymous with art.

  • Finding My Creative Gift

    If you desire to discover your artistic creative passion, whether that’s knitting or paper crafting or crocheting, or non-artistic creative passion such as parenting strategies and budgeting tips, you might be asking yourself: how do I find what clicks well for me? How do I find something creative to do?”

Nicole has created a 3-steps for Finding Your Creative Gift cheatsheet so that you can find your ‘Creative Gift’. Click on the button below to find it AND to read the rest of her post.

Our Podcast episode goes into a lot of depth about this topic. And it was so fun! Wouldn’t you like to hear it, too? Click on the button below to listen.

And, because I think she is crazy talented (and not just because I am her mother) - I really think you might want to take a look at what she is creating in her studio.

I hate selfies…..but I love this shirt created by Studio 46:10.

I hate selfies…..but I love this shirt created by Studio 46:10.

Now, I have been asked, over and over, where I get my creativity from. My mom taught me everything she knew and then I made it my own. In the process, I discovered that I have the ability to ‘see’ what I like and then sometimes I want to figure out how to make it. I am also willing to ‘practice practice practice’ in order to do my absolute best. I wouldn’t say I have some sort of innate talent, I just practice a lot and have fun! What about you? Are you willing to keep going to get better? Or, do you give up quickly? If you can, try and remember that most things in life require practice - marriage, parenting, driving, budgeting, boiling water :)

I really hope that you check out Studio 46:10. Nicole is an amazing person. I am not just saying that because I am her mom - her dad thinks so too. :)

Big Hugs,


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