Birds....Moms....and Mother's Day

birds moms and mothers day|positively jane

Spring is such an amazing time of year! Don’t you think?  It’s a time of renewal. The warmer weather and the promise of the summer that is just around the corner. I love summer!!

Wonderful things happen - the grass gets green, the leaves come out on the trees, and the flowering trees and bushes bloom to announce that spring is here!  Then there are the birdies...they sing and sing and sing.  Spring is also a time for mama birds to make their nests.

About 6 weeks ago I noticed a bird flying in and out of the arrangement on my front door.  I didn’t pay much attention to it until my husband pointed out the nest and 5 of the most perfect blue eggs I have ever seen.  Oh my - now what do we do since we use that door ALL the time!  Every time we went near the door (inside and outside) mama would fly away.  I could see her in a tree just looking at us - waiting for us to leave.  I did ask as many people as I could to come thru the garage so that she was not disturbed unnecessarily.

A week or so upon discovering the nest, we found an egg on the porch.  Now we only have 4.  And, about a few weeks later, we had 4 baby birdies!  Oh my gosh, they were so tiny.  Unfortunately, one of the babies got pushed out of the nest. Right now they are about 2 weeks old.  They completely snuggle in that little nest - I am not sure if you can see them in these photos. (I tried getting a photo when they are awake and awaiting a feeding but I have not had success).

How can I protect the babies?
Yesterday I had a million service people (well, maybe not actually a million but it sure felt like it) here at my house.  It is a new house so the builder is completing his ‘punch out’ list.  Plus the exterior of the house needed cleaned.  We live in GA and the pollen here is through the roof.  A typical pollen count is around 600 - ours is 4000+!  Everything gets a layer of yellow green and it is disgusting.  Spring leaves and blooming trees/bushes go hand in hand with pollen.  When I scheduled Aquaman (cute name for a pressure washing company) I did not have a nest.  When he was scheduled to come, and the birdies were still in their nest, I was beside myself - how can I protect the babies so they don’t get wet, inhale bleach or get blown out of the nest.  At first I thought I would move the whole arrangement but decided not to because I was afraid the nest would fall out.  So, I became Mary Poppins for about 5 minutes.  Aquaman was very careful not to spray near me.  He did not use bleach. I watched the water stream down behind the nest but the birdies stayed dry!  Praise the Lord!

Moms of all species -
During this whole process (from nest to now) I kept thinking about mothers - birdie mothers and human mothers.  When a woman gets pregnant, and she is getting near delivery time, it is said that she is ‘nesting’.  I have birthed 2 children and I did nest - but I never thought about the meaning of nesting.  Now it makes perfect sense.  A ‘mama to be’ wants to create an environment for her baby(ies) that is safe, snug and secure.  Everything is in order so that she can focus on the basic needs like feeding, changing diapers and soothing cries (human mamas that is!) and not have to worry about the bed and home.


Before I became a mother myself we would always celebrate my mom on her special day. As a kid I appreciated my mom for the things she provided. From a kid’s perspective… on the table, homemade cookies and an endless supply of pop tarts, oreos, and Nehi soda (showing my age here).  I knew she loved me - she showed it in a million different ways - fixing my booboos, tucking me in at night, combing the knots out of my hair - but, I never understood the depths of that love until I became a mom myself. 

From when my children were new born babies, and I was afraid I would drop them… the fierce sense of protection - at all costs. The need to be doing the right thing and not wanting to make a mistake. The overwhelming feeling of love that sometimes brought me to tears and put an ache in my heart. And, to be fully transparent, I still feel the same way even tho my kids are all grown and out of the house. Only now, I think my feelings are more intense because they are no longer under my wing of protection.  I have to rely on what I taught them, who they chose to listen to and what they chose to believe and do. And I pray for them….alot.

The love of a mother is all consuming -
I never thought I could love something so much until I became a mom - it is not something that can be put into words.  The joy of picking up their toys when they were little, helping with their homework (that I could understand), listening to their day whether it be great or not so great, going to their school functions, little league games, dance recitals, picking out prom dresses and tuxes, teaching them to drive and change a tire, picking out the wedding dress, planning the wedding……all those things and more.  Even the discipline was grounded in love. The hugs with sticky hands, the endless snacks made, the cute little bird houses made as gifts.  My son, when he was little, would put up is arms and say ‘hold you mama, hold you’. (the memory still melts my heart). And, looking back, it seems like it all took about 5 minutes.  Now, I do know, that in the throes of the everyday it seemed like 30 years….30 long years :)  A wise friend of mine once said ‘The days are long but the years are short.’  So so so true.

What is Mother’s Day?
Moms are so dang special. According to Wikipedia - ‘Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.’  To a mom, it does not matter if kids are at home or on their own, Mother’s Day is a big deal for moms. It is a celebration of the woman who was there when you needed her to be.

Mother’s Day is a time to make a mother feel special. Whether it be gifts, cards (my personal jam!), a phone call, or time - something given as a token of appreciation of her efforts to be a mom.  Families will usually have a meal at home or go to a restaurant.  The overall goal of the celebration is to remind the mother that she is an important member of the family, and that the family itself owes her so much for her continued love, support and understanding. 

Do you have plans?
So, what are your  Mother’s Day plans?  Remember that your mom loves you beyond all else. Give her a call, send her some flowers, make plans for a visit.  As an older mom I must say, that the gift of time is the most important gift of all - I have everything else I need. 

As for me…my kids do not live local. My youngest and her husband will be with us for about 5 days the weekend after Mother’s Day. My son will drive in that weekend too. Nicole decided that she would cook dinner, make a cake, and celebrate Mother’s Day then. Should be a fun day!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  I wish you a day of joy, peace and contentment.  And maybe even breakfast in bed.

Big Hugs,


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PPS - a funny Mother’s Day story…..many many years ago my mother-in-law drove to visit us for the weekend.  She lived about 2 hours away.  My husband decided that he would take us both out for dinner.  Now, he had NO idea that Mother’s Day was the busiest day of the year for restaurants.  Hence, no reservation.  We got to our 1st restaurant - there was an hour wait.  No way he said  - that is just too long!  We must have gone to about 5 or 6 more restaurants and at each one the wait was even longer until it was now 2 hours long! Unfortunately, my poor mother-in-law had to leave to beat the traffic going home……we sent her home with no food in her stomach!  It is a memory that still makes us smile….and plan. Lesson learned - eat home or make a res!

PPPS - What is the craziest Mother’s Day you ever had or tried to have? What is the best memory you have? What stands out most to you?

birds moms and mothers day|positively jane

Update - 2 birdies flew away 3 days ago - I was trying to take a picture. The 3rd would not go. I heard a loud crash yesterday, I ran to the door, and my arrangement was on the porch floor. And the birdie was gone. I think I hear them singing around the house. Bye Bye Birdie. (anyone remember that movie?)