40 Ways to Save Money NOW

40 ways to save money NOW|positively jane

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save money. I love love love earning interest. All the money I can save will go in the bank to earn earn earn….and earn some more! It did not used to be that way. At one point in my life I didn't save any money at all. And then, the money I saved was used to pay, pay, pay off debt. If you are tired of paying and not earning then this could be a good starting point for you.

I have compiled a list for you - 40 Ways to Save Money NOW. These are all things that I personally put into practice and they sure did work. Was it easy? NO way! Some weeks I had $2 left and couldn't even buy milk for cereal or coffee in the morning.

Cash - what is that?!

My 1st tip is…pay cash for EVERYTHING that is not rent, utilities, monthly bills. etc. And, I mean everything! Figure out how much money you might need for the week and stick to it. That includes groceries, gas, eating out, coffee, hair cuts, doctor co pays, pens, paper towels, toilet paper, postage, dog food, cat food, and everything else that I can’t think of right now. You will be surprised at how hard it is to pull those $20’s out of your wallet. I did this for 3 years! It was an amazing journey. I went from not having enough each week to reducing my weekly cash budget by $100! That’s right - $100 a week less. And, NO credit cards used either. Bonus!!

Take that extra cash you have saved and apply to your debt. That is where the magic begins…..

40 ways that I personally used to save money (and still do for the most part).

  1. Plan your meals ahead of time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Then…..

  2. Make a grocery list and STICK TO IT. Don’t buy 1 thing because it looks yummy. And….

  3. Never go grocery shopping hungry - that is a recipe for disaster.

  4. Shop at discount grocery stores. Like Trader Joe’s or Aldi. You aren’t paying for the name brands.

  5. Use coupons.

  6. Pack your lunch or dinner. Pack your snacks. Put them in a lunch box and use tupperware. You save on bags and save the landfill.

  7. Only grocery shop once a week. Use what is in the pantry or freezer.

  8. Only buy BOGO’s if you need the item. Not because they are BOGO. If you have a Publix, you only need to buy 1 and then it’s 1/2 off!

  9. Don’t buy magazines. Cancel all subscriptions.

  10. Go to the library. I know that might not be cool, but it sure is FREE.

  11. Color your own hair. For years I had ‘aubergine (purple)’ hair. That’s what came out of the box.

  12. Do your own nails.

  13. Don’t buy anything on amazon or in a catalog until you have thought about it for 2 weeks. Chances are you will realize you don’t really need it. Which leads me to #14….

  14. Only buy what you absolutely need. Wants are not needs. If your house burned down you need new clothes. New clothes for the season is a want.

  15. Buy snacks in the large bags NOT the mini bags. Or, make your own snacks. Even better.

  16. Don’t go to Starbucks. I drink tea. I carry tea bags with me, ask for hot water, and make my own. No one has ever asked me what I was doing :)

  17. Don’t eat out. Saves money and is much healthier - check out #18.

  18. Cook dinner at home and invite friends. My daughter and her husband have game nights. Their friends look forward to home cooked meals and usually bring the sides and/or dessert.

  19. Cancel cable or direct TV. Not a need. You can then go the library and get a book. See #10.

  20. Stop collecting things. Sell your collections. I promise you that your collections aren't worth what you think and your family will not want them when you are gone.

  21. Drink water. Quit the soft drinks. Much healthier too.

  22. Make your own Kombucha - only 32 cents a bottle. Recipe soon. Better than beer.

  23. Quit smoking. This is a no brainer on many levels.

  24. Turn off your lights.

  25. Turn your heat down and your AC up.

  26. Cancel unused apps and memberships.

  27. Christmas/Birthday present shop all year. You can get good deals and it does not hit you all at once.

  28. Find free events. Go to the park. Go to the beach. Go to the library. :)

  29. Stay out of the mall. Don’t use retail shopping as therapy

  30. Get a smaller house or apartment. Or, if you are single, get a roommate.

  31. Do your own house cleaning.

  32. Do your own yard maintenance.

  33. Wash your own windows.

  34. Learn to sew and fix small rips and tears in your clothes.

  35. Shop around for auto and home/renters insurance. Someone has a better rate.

  36. Cut your husband’s hair.

  37. Don’t use paper towels - use cleaning cloths and wash them.

  38. Make your own laundry detergent.

  39. Don’t go to the movies. Borrow from a friend or stream them.

  40. Have a garage sale - make some cash and apply it to your debt!

Want all the above to have and to hold? Keep on your desk? Give to your over-spending kids? I got ya covered!

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Once you put all of these in practice you are well on your way to becoming debt free. Living on a Budget is a wonderful thing - try it sometime!

Big Hugs,


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