30 Father's Day Gift Ideas....because does he really need another tie?

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Father’s Day is June 16th this year - that is just 8 days from today! Father’s Day comes every year - why do I act so surprised? And every year I am scrambling to find something unique and creative for my husband. He says he does not need any more clothes (but I say, just because you own it and it fits, does not mean you should wear it…..especially in public - but that is a story for another day). When he was working I bought him ties. Or boxers (cute and funny ones). But now, for a retired guy….I really had no idea - I couldn’t pick out a fishing lure if my life depended on it.

So, I went to Amazon. I became an Amazon Prime member about 3 years ago. I resisted for the longest time - just one more thing for me to sign up for. But, I do love love love it. I live in the middle of the nowhere (cow country) and there are ZERO big box retailers near me. The closest biggish town is 50-60 minutes away. Amazon has saved my butt with their 2 day shipping. If you are not a prime member you should check it out here. FREE for 30 days - what do you have to lose? Especially when you see the list I put together for you below. AND, for a small fee, they will put your gift in a very nice gift bag (it’s cloth and can be reused again!).

What should I buy my dad? My husband? My Grandpa? What should my kids buy?

I did a bunch of research and thought I would pass this all on to you. Why let all this good research go to waste? I tried to be creative and practical and, I stayed away from clothes. Bonus according to my husband! (If you have not met my husband check out his kayaking trip here (spoiler alert, he made it home in 5 days after a harrowing trip fraught with peril). I also looked at different price ranges. The easiest way for me to shop at Amazon is put all my options in my cart and then decide what I want and don’t want by comparing - you might want to give that a try as well.

[All researched items are linked in the text below. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.]

Jane’s list - limited quantities available for some items. Don’t miss out on your favs.

  1. Amazon Gift Card - he can pick whatever he wants. And, you can choose the amount. Takes the pressure off. Or, you can get him a gift and a gift card -he can then add the ‘accessories’. Kinda like a dress and jewelry for us :)

  2. Sennheiser Wireless Headphones with Charging Station - ON SALE!! These are wireless and bluetooth for watching TV. Your man can watch tv and you won’t hear a thing! And, if your man is hard of hearing he will be able to hear everything with these. They have a ‘best’ rating. I bought these for my husband a few years ago - he LOVES LOVES them. And, I can go to sleep and not hear all the action!

  3. Apple AirPods with Charging Case - my son just purchased them and now they are on my list - I might just buy them for my husband this year (unless he proof reads this post - :)

  4. Beats Headphones red and rose gold- for the music lover guy! So popular and I can see why.

  5. Nintendo Switch (red and blue) and Nintendo Switch (Gray) - my son and his wife play all the time….together. Like Super Smash Brothers and all the other fun games.

  6. Dewalt Cordless Screwdriver - this one is compact, has an extra battery and it is gyroscopic (meaning it turns on/off with the tun of your wrist). So very cool. My son in law has one and uses it all the time. I wish I had one…..maybe for my birthday!

  7. Dewalt Bit Kit - this one has 37 bits for the screwdriver above.

  8. Watch - there are a million watches on Amazon. Check them out - a bunch of price points as well. I have my favs picked out!

  9. Wallet - my dad’s wallet was so full of stuff it wore a hole in his pants! A new wallet is always nice tho.

  10. Electric Razor - an electric one might be nice for a change :)

  11. Shaving Kit - this one is amazing!!! A bit of luxury to go along with the everyday mundane.

  12. Oral B Toothbrush - these toothbrushes get your teeth sooo clean. They also clean at the gumline. You can buy extra heads - 1 for each member of the family.

  13. HP Portable Socket printer - instantly prints 2x3 sticky back photos - FROM YOUR PHONE! Oh man, I need this one too.

  14. Knife Set with a Block - this is perfect for those cooks out there!

  15. Alexa Device - I talk to mine all the time. I have the Alexa Dot - This is the newest version.

  16. Smart Plugs - these can connect and be used with Alexa or stand alone with their own app. I have a bunch of lights that go on and off with the times that I scheduled in the app. These are the ones that I have and love - Gosund wifi outlet.

  17. Nest Thermostat - works great with Alexa. This thermostat gets to know your habits and routines and sets the temp based on your own personal history. My son loves his.

  18. Hammock - we have 3 hammocks and love them all. My husband takes naps in his all the time. I bought him the Hattaras Quilted Hammock last Father’s Day. It’s like sleeping in a bed! There is also a Hattaras Chair and an amazing stand for the Hattaras Hammock. We also love the Eno Hammocks. Don’t forget the Eno straps.

  19. Grill Tools - how about a new set? Mine wear out after 1 season. Not sure why.

  20. Grill - Or….even a grill. The old fashion charcoal ones have the best taste in my opinion. You can find them here.

  21. Kindle - imagine having any book at any given time. And, you can borrow his and read your own books. Win Win.

  22. Security System - there are so many out there. The Ring Security System works with Alexa - now, that would be convenient! Or, how about a Ring Doorbell (I had this on my Christmas list - maybe next year!)

  23. Car Vacuum - I bought one of these for my husband for Christmas - he uses it all the time. And I benefit with a clean car!

  24. Bike Pump and Compressor - wouldn't it be nice to have something to blow up those flat bike tires!

  25. Suitcase or new Briefcase - some yummy and practical ones to choose from.

  26. Nespresso Machine - keep him highly caffeinated and he can definitely complete that ‘honey do’ list.

  27. Dad mugs - a ton of choices. Check them out!

  28. Best Dad Ever t shirt - and a bunch of other sayings.

  29. Father’s Day from Kids - little items - check all these out. From key rings, small signs to rocks with text.

  30. And don’t forget the card. Here are the cards from a wife. Here are the cards from the kids. And don’t forget Grandpa!


So, imagine your man laying in his hammock, reading his book on his new kindle (or listening to music with his new headphones) with his freshly shaven face that smells awesome and his bright white clean teeth, while the steaks (that have no fat cause he cut it off with his new knives) cook on his grill, using his grill tools, and they won’t get burnt cause he has a timer on his watch, or he asked Alexa to set a timer, wearing his ‘Best Dad Ever’ t-shirt, while drinking his nespresso out of his new mug, and you taking a picture of him and print it on his new printer. You don’t have to worry that anyone will break in the front door, while you are in the back, because you have a new security system and you know that the temp in your house will be perfect because your Nest knows how you behave. AND your lights will come on and it won’t be dark. Whew!

I hope you had fun shopping and this list helped you. I really had fun looking at everything. Who knew there was so much to buy….in one place. Make sure you get your Amazon Prime Membership. You won’t regret it - I promise. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Alwyas the clown - does it fit?!

Alwyas the clown - does it fit?!

Big Hugs,


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PPS - Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day Dad - we sure do miss you down here!