10 Things I Would be Sad to Lose

10 things I would be sad to lose|Positively Jane

The other day I was thinking about all the things I own. I do confess, I am a classic example of over consumerism. I own way too much stuff. My husband and I moved to a new home about 6 months ago and it took forever to unpack (that is how I know I own too much). We have 38 years of accumulation. Sheesh!

Anyway, I have a friend whose house burned completely down to the ground (all lives were spared - thankfully). They lost everything. He was telling me about the things that he will miss the most and that got me thinking. What are the top 10 things I would be really sad to lose (not counting beating hearts)? Why 10 - because I wanted to really really dig deep and find out what material things meant the most to me.

So, here are my top 10 things -

  1. Family pictures and scrapbooks - I have many pictures framed and displayed around the house. I enjoy seeing my family. I also have about 40 scrapbooks that I put together years ago. I would really hate to not have those memories.

  2. Family videos - this ties in with #1. I have so many videos of my kids growing up. They love watching them too.

  3. Bible - my bibles are marked up, written in and highlighted. I sometimes date when a passage means more that just words to me, and it is interesting to see the road I have traveled with God.

  4. Gifts that were given to me - I have coffee mugs that mean so much to me (see that post here). I have jewelry that was given to me. I have gifts that are around the house that have been given to me. I would hate to not have those.

  5. Craft things - I have a lifetime of crafting stuff (see that post here). I don’t know if I can narrow all that I own down to 1 thing - but, in the interest of this list, I would say - the cards I have already made. There must be 200. And each one took hours to make.

  6. Paper files - all my income taxes and back up, receipts, lists, notebooks, recipes. Those can’t be replaced or duplicated. How can I make my ‘Aunt Dottie’s Sweet Pickles’ without the recipe?

  7. Bible studies - there are years and years of studies. I do go back and try to find things all the time. I would really miss those.

  8. Christmas ornaments - there is a lifetime of ornaments gathered from all different places. Ornaments my kids have made. The 1st ornaments that were given to me when we were married. Yes, I can always buy newer shiner ones - but I love these

10 things I would be sad to lose|Positively Jane

Looking back at this list I realized that, except for #6, what I would miss most are memories. Memories that I would be sad to lose. Time marches on. Life travels down the highway at full speed when you get older. What memories do you have? I hope you have some great memories. And, if you don’t, I hope you can move past them. Check out this post - ‘Who Does God Say You Are’. You will be glad you did.

I also realize that there are only 8 things listed - I could not come up with 10. Stuff is just stuff and can always be replaced. And, yes memories will always live in my heart, but it’s so nice to have the tangible items as well. So, what about you? What are your top 10 things that you would be sad to lose? Why did you choose those items? Did you have more or less than 10? I would be interested to know what they are - post them in the comments.

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