10 Things I ‘Can't Live Without'

10 things I can't live without|positivelyjane

I recently wrote a post titled ‘10 Things I Would be Sad to Lose’. And that got me thinking….again (since I became a blogger all I do is think). What items can I NOT live without. So, I am looking thru the lens of…..what do I use all the time that is a part of me - things I love or….’can’t live without’. I am talking about material things - not love, emotions, money, hearing, etc. Now, I do realize I can live without most material things (stuff is just stuff) - but that is a subject for another day.

Here is my list -

  1. Glasses - I can not see up close without them. How would I read? Or see faces?

  2. Toilet paper - I am not ready to start using magazine pages, corn cobs (yes, that used to be a thing), or drip dry.

  3. Phone - I use my phone daily. I try not to use it so much that I am constantly looking at social media, texts or email.

  4. Computer - How could I write my blog posts? Or be able to send emails - so hard to do on the phone.

  5. Scissors - I am constantly cutting things or ripping boxes open.

  6. Vitamins - I love my supplements. They provide for me nutrients that I can’t get from today’s food.

  7. Electricity - Candles, gas lanterns - no thank you!

  8. Running water - This is something I take for granted every day. Turn on a faucet and here it comes. AND it’s even clean!

  9. Matches - I really have a hard time lighting fires with a flint and dry wood. Let me strike a match any day!

  10. Toothbrush - I love squeaky clean teeth and gums. My toothbrush ensures I have that every day!

I find my list very interesting. It is interesting because I had to really search and find 10 things. And, that actually got me pretty excited. Why? Because I am FINALLY at the point in my life where stuff is just stuff. I don’t need it. I don’t covet it. It does not define who I am. What about you? Think about your ‘10 Things You Can’t Live Without?’ Do you have 10? Less than 10? Or many more. Let me know.

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